Sykdive Fail | Hard premature opening while seperating

Seems like TFS-Members love to pull on their backs.

In this video he clearly enjoys it and if you look closely, you can see that smooth comfy opening, like unfolding a cuddly blanket.

Who wants to waste energy by pulling manually, if you can have
an autodeploy.

Patent pending.


new crew member – Bustin Boards EQ 36

TFS just got a brand new crew member.
It´s the Bustin Boards EQ 36 with Bear Kodiak trucks and These wheels.

Sweeet setup!
Thanks Ivo for the nice consultation, I went for a short run and I just love it.
Hopefully I can go for a slide session within the next few days.

I´ll definitely come back to Soneart for the next Upgrade!

first Weekend of the Summer

Just having fun… first weekend of the summer.