Behind the scenes of our hook knife review

“Behind the scenes” of our hook knife review we are working on right now. Okay, actually we are just standing in the Westerwings Shop, pointing a camera at Rapha, our rigger we trust in, pushing random buttons.

We forced him to participate in the video, otherwise we reveal his darkest secret. (It has to do with potatoes)
So thanks Rapha for your insight in the details behind this special knife in your fancy shop.

The video will follow within 12 to 1337 days.

We fart at 3900m

Hi guys,

the year 2017 started some days ago… so it’s the right time to watch some “super serious jumps” of 2016. Team Fancy Shit wasn’t jumping as often as planned but there were some awesome jumps with Torsten, Pascal, Conny, Holger and many many more. This was great fun!
The original idea was to put all people we jumped with into one video. As you can see in this video… this idea did not make it to the final.


And most important:
We fart at 3900m!