Preparing the pack job

It was at that moment, as we realized non of us is particular good at packing. But we’ll do a tutorial anyways. Maybe some special effects can make it look like we know what we’re doing. Explosions make anything look pro!


Reviewing Stuff: Probably the best hook knife for skydiving

Do you wear a hook knife while skydiving? Did you ever thought about a situation you might need it? Do you think your knife is able to cut a vectran line, the material of a jumpsuit or a riser?
Until a year ago I had no hook knife and I had none of those questions in my mind. Everything started with an skydive event in Germany which set a hook knife to the list of requirements.

So I went to my Rigger (also owns a skydive shop) and told him about my new needs. I knew there were some knifes available for ~30 Euro and it was not my plan to spend a lot of money. It was just to fulfill the requirements for this event. So my Rigger informed about situations in which a usage of a hook knife might make sense. Most of them were not on my list of possibilities a hook knife might be useful. But most important he clearly told me to buy a knife which really cuts instead of just fulfilling the requirements of some events. What he wanted to say was: Not all knifes can cut a vectran line in time you need this. And for sure no risers.

Since we (Team Fancy Shit members) knew about the important and eventually life saving differences between available hook knifes, there was the plan to create a video related to this topic.

Special thanks to Raphael Schlegel, the owner of Westerwings, who was available for an interview and gave us some vectran lines and some straps which are commonly used at skydive rigs.

And guys… eat more fruits!