May 2017 @Skydive Westerwald

Sascha had time take some pictures while Armin did a high pull with his new Safire3.

Preparing the pack job

It was at that moment, as we realized non of us is particular good at packing. But we’ll do a tutorial anyways. Maybe some special effects can make it look like we know what we’re doing. Explosions make anything look pro!


Reviewing Stuff: Probably the best hook knife for skydiving

Do you wear a hook knife while skydiving? Did you ever thought about a situation you might need it? Do you think your knife is able to cut a vectran line, the material of a jumpsuit or a riser?
Until a year ago I had no hook knife and I had none of those questions in my mind. Everything started with an skydive event in Germany which set a hook knife to the list of requirements.

So I went to my Rigger (also owns a skydive shop) and told him about my new needs. I knew there were some knifes available for ~30 Euro and it was not my plan to spend a lot of money. It was just to fulfill the requirements for this event. So my Rigger informed about situations in which a usage of a hook knife might make sense. Most of them were not on my list of possibilities a hook knife might be useful. But most important he clearly told me to buy a knife which really cuts instead of just fulfilling the requirements of some events. What he wanted to say was: Not all knifes can cut a vectran line in time you need this. And for sure no risers.

Since we (Team Fancy Shit members) knew about the important and eventually life saving differences between available hook knifes, there was the plan to create a video related to this topic.

Special thanks to Raphael Schlegel, the owner of Westerwings, who was available for an interview and gave us some vectran lines and some straps which are commonly used at skydive rigs.

And guys… eat more fruits!

Learning Ollie – Day 2

How many days do you need to learn to ollie?
And what kind of equipment you might trash while trying?
There might be some answers in our new video!

Behind the scenes of our hook knife review

“Behind the scenes” of our hook knife review we are working on right now. Okay, actually we are just standing in the Westerwings Shop, pointing a camera at Rapha, our rigger we trust in, pushing random buttons.

We forced him to participate in the video, otherwise we reveal his darkest secret. (It has to do with potatoes)
So thanks Rapha for your insight in the details behind this special knife in your fancy shop.

The video will follow within 12 to 1337 days.

We fart at 3900m

Hi guys,

the year 2017 started some days ago… so it’s the right time to watch some “super serious jumps” of 2016. Team Fancy Shit wasn’t jumping as often as planned but there were some awesome jumps with Torsten, Pascal, Conny, Holger and many many more. This was great fun!
The original idea was to put all people we jumped with into one video. As you can see in this video… this idea did not make it to the final.


And most important:
We fart at 3900m!

Reviewing Stuff: Rigging Innovations Curv

Realizing noobs look extremely good in awesome gear, we asked Raphael of Westerwings to show us the most fancy stuff in his store. Short time later the order for a curv rig of Rigging Innovations was placed.
Around 50 jumps later we really wanted to do a little review on the curv, because of reasons and it took us only 6 month to complete it.

As a side note:
We wanted Emma Watson as our rig model, but out of nowhere she declined the meeting, nobody was expecting that, so we had to turn everything around. Total disaster.

Even though it took so long, we forgot to include about 100 things we wanted to cover, so If you have questions, write them in the comments.

Italian Suits

As almost, we show perfect timing with our brand new summer suits, arriving ..well.. at the end of summer. But anyways we really like the new suits and even plan to do a short review on them. The weather gods have been with us, so we had a epic day of testing them out. The manufacturer ist Bertrand Adrenaline, a brand new company located in Italy. Check them out:

Learning Ollie – Day 1

We are falling, sliding, climbing, whats next?
Jumping of cause! Like ollie jumping…. well at least that´s what we try to do.
We never ever tried to ollie before, okay.. I think that´s obvious.
We are so bad at it, that we even wrote it the wrong way in the title (see movie) xD
We´ll document every session, to track our progress and to see how long it´ll take to ollie properly and consistant.
Day 2 will follow soon, hopefully there will be no day 175.
Wish us luck.

The perfect Trubel Exit (1st of 2016)

A Trubel Exit is our own creation of an stable unstable exit. In summary this is a extremly funny exit. We recommend to immitate! 😀

The first time we tried this exit was 2015 at airport Siegerland. This video was made at airport Breitscheid in 2016.

What does “Trubel Exit” mean??? A Trubel Exit is an tripple “Mugel Exit”. 😀
OK… A “Mugel” is half human and half a ball (combination of german words “Mensch” and “Kugel”).
Alright??? So just do it!

Speacial thanks go to:
Viktor – who was brave enough to do the first experimental Trubel Exits with us
Torsten – he made this one special
Alex – for pimping our intro
Kaluzer – who filmed the awesome inside view
Kreisel – for mental support while creating the Trubel Exit