Enjoying the nice weather


We stepped by in Breitscheid to check if we can do one or two jumps but recognized the bad weather focused on the area around the dropzone. So we decided to drive back to Bad Homburg to continue an other project we already initiated. See the pictures to get an idea what’s coming next! 😉

We both killed one pair of shoes in this session.

Sascha did not wait to get a new pair of shoes to continue directly. He really worked hard in this session.

And yes, the sun was shining! 😀

Team Fancy Slid

It´s not all about Sykdiving.
On cloudy days, our first thought (most of the time) is:
“Let´s go Sliding!”

Or at least what we call sliding.

Most of the time it´s more or less controlled falling,
but we´ll get there.


This time TFS had reinforcement, Finish reinforcement to be exact.
Great weekend with perfect weather to become more and more fancy and less shit.

Some wonderfull day, we´ll become the definition of fancy, like a Butterfly, rising up from a shitty little Caterpillar.
Doesn´t make any sense, but anyways, here´s the video!

Special thanks to our Fin Kalle, who gave us some valuable tips.


Sykdive Fail | Hard premature opening while seperating

Seems like TFS-Members love to pull on their backs.

In this video he clearly enjoys it and if you look closely, you can see that smooth comfy opening, like unfolding a cuddly blanket.

Who wants to waste energy by pulling manually, if you can have
an autodeploy.

Patent pending.


new crew member – Bustin Boards EQ 36

TFS just got a brand new crew member.
It´s the Bustin Boards EQ 36 with Bear Kodiak trucks and These wheels.

Sweeet setup!
Thanks Ivo for the nice consultation, I went for a short run and I just love it.
Hopefully I can go for a slide session within the next few days.

I´ll definitely come back to Soneart for the next Upgrade!

first Weekend of the Summer

Just having fun… first weekend of the summer.