The perfect Trubel Exit (1st of 2016)

A Trubel Exit is our own creation of an stable unstable exit. In summary this is a extremly funny exit. We recommend to immitate! 😀

The first time we tried this exit was 2015 at airport Siegerland. This video was made at airport Breitscheid in 2016.

What does “Trubel Exit” mean??? A Trubel Exit is an tripple “Mugel Exit”. 😀
OK… A “Mugel” is half human and half a ball (combination of german words “Mensch” and “Kugel”).
Alright??? So just do it!

Speacial thanks go to:
Viktor – who was brave enough to do the first experimental Trubel Exits with us
Torsten – he made this one special
Alex – for pimping our intro
Kaluzer – who filmed the awesome inside view
Kreisel – for mental support while creating the Trubel Exit

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